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Update from Friday, 11/17/17


Hi Oregon VOAD Members and Partners,


I want to thank both Joseph Murray and Laura Pascoe for taking meeting notes at the last Oregon VOAD bi-monthly meeting this last Tuesday.  We should have a reasonably good set of meeting notes for folks in the next week or so and we’ll send these out to all our members and parterns.


After the meeting a couple of folks voiced some confusion about who leads Oregon VOAD and where are the leaders.  Here is some clarification.


As of August, Charlene Larsen of Lutheran Disaster Response is the interim President of Oregon VOAD.  She sets the agendas, calls the meetings to order and makes sure our committees have their marching orders.  Dick Raub of the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon is Vice President, Urban, Wendy Colvin of Mennonite Disaster Services is Secretary and Laura Pascoe of Adventist Community Services is Member at Large.  Adam Creighton was our Business Liaison, however he has moved on from Instove and has resigned this office.  And we have not had a secretary for a couple of years.  So as you can see, we are moving into this next election cycle coming up in May with the potential of filling many of our leadership positions with new blood.  And to this end, Steve Sirken will lead the Nominations Committee this year to search out prospects to fill our open positions.  At the January meeting we will learn more about what positions will be open and do some work to identify qualified individuals to fill these.


I think in part there is confusion because even though I have stepped away from being President of ORVOAD, I still have a couple of duties that keep me in public view.  I still write the weekly update and I lead the Mt. West VOAD Conference Planning. However, it is Charlene that gets to now lead the Oregon VOAD meetings and she leads the leadership team.  If you have questions about Oregon VOAD, please send Charlene a note at her usual vicepresidentrural@orvoad.org and she will be happy to reply.


If you have information to be added to the Oregon VOAD weekly updates, please get those to me by Thursday.  And by the way, there will be no weekly update for next week (November 24th).


Stay safe,

Chalene Larsen and Dean Alby



-- Approved Meeting minutes from the 5/23 meeting and the meeting minutes for the 7/18/17 meeting  are now on the "Meetings and Bylaws" tab


-- Special - We've added a FEMA video (3 min.) shot in Alaska featuring John Colvin and the work of the Mennonite Disaster Services. It is a great example of long term recovery work.  Find it under the Resources tab above.