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Update from Friday, 9/22/17


Hi Oregon VOAD Members and Partners,


Attached is the weekly update for Oregon VOAD. 


I am sure each of us have been reaching deeply into our organizations to learn what it is we are all doing in response to recent hurricane activity.  I encourage you to take the opportunity to watch and learn from your leaders the skills that promote clear communication and quick response.   I was an the OEMA (Oregon Emergency Management Association) conference this week and heard from a speaker that Cascadia is probably much closer to rupturing that many of us realize.  This potential disaster on our very doorsteps is a reminder the skills we learn today will be put to the test when we need them most. 


Also, when you see and meet with our regional American Red Cross folks, please thank them and hug them because they have been busy these last couple months (if not the last nine months).  We hope for a nice quiet fall that allows for them to rest and restore themselves. 


Stay safe, 




Oregon VOAD, President




-- Approved Meeting minutes from the 5/23 meeting and the meeting minutes for the 7/18/17 meeting  are now on the "Meetings and Bylaws" tab


-- Special - We've added a FEMA video (3 min.) shot in Alaska featuring John Colvin and the work of the Mennonite Disaster Services. It is a great example of long term recovery work.  Find it under the Resources tab above.