Weekly Informational Update


Weekly ORVOAD Informational Update

Friday, March 17, 2017


ORVOAD Members and Partners –


Communication, it’s one of the four C’s along with Coordination, Collaboration and Cooperation that stand as the working pillars of VOAD.  We represent member organizations that agree to hold these four C’s central to our work, as they guide our interactions and interdependencies as non-governmental organizations with a common purpose in disaster preparedness, response and long-term recovery.  I cannot imagine we would get far as an organization if we did not all agree to this core value. The four C’s are so central to our organization that I doubt we would get far without them – they guide our interactions at every level and provide a shared foundation by which we work.  I want to discuss our core value of Communication today because, as far as I am concerned, this trait is the one that can get us into so much trouble or show bathe us in a positive and beautiful light.

I will say right off, I am not a good communicator, that is a skill few have and when you see or hear it, you know the practitioner is special.  Communication is not just about how we use words and phrases, it’s about when we use words and phrases.  And communication is not just written or verbal, we have our whole body to communicate messages and tell stories.   Pictures communicate stories.  Colors can communicate feelings.  Smells communicate past experience.  Silence can communicate both good and bad.  Absence often communicates so much.  I believe it is important to communicate so that we get used to hearing each other’s voice and reading the other’s words.  Communication goes beyond the simple utterance of words and builds a relationship between communicator and communicatee.  Relationship builds trust in the most favorable of outcomes or at least knowledge.

For me, a great outcome of communication is knowledge.  When we all communicate the work of our member organizations, I understand what we as a group are doing.  I know which organization is working where, with how many volunteers.  I know about their strengths and challenges and I begin to understand our capabilities and needs.  Oregon VOAD becomes a stronger organization when its members communicate their activities; this communication illuminates opportunities for collaboration; collaboration by its nature hinges upon cooperation and this in turn builds coordination.  I am not saying that communication is the lynch-pin here, but that it is part of a tightly woven fabric of agreed upon practices that binds us all closer together; a closeness resulting in a more resilient disaster response effort.


So I encourage each of you to practice communication skills that foster and improve not only your organization but the entire Oregon VOAD.  We all become stronger, more resilient when the parts of our organization practice and exhibit a well-developed skills that has so many positive outcomes.  Communicate.


 Mountain West Conference:

One of the finest conferences I have attended over the years is the Annual Mountain West Conference scheduled for April 23-25 in Longmont Colorado this year.  The conference pulls in the members that include the organizations serving fifteen states in the West/Mid-West.  Every year a member VOAD hosts the event – this year in Colorado, next year here in Oregon – and we get to see how each VOAD works with its member organizations and government partners.  If you would like to attend this year’s event, please let a leadership person know so we can plan our participation accordingly.  So far, a couple of us plan to attend the event and I am sure there is room for more.  If you need support to attend, let us know and the VOAD should be able to support in some manner.


Next ORVOAD Meeting:


Our next Oregon VOAD meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 21st from 1:00 to 3:30 p.m. at Mercy Corps in downtown Portland (43 SW Naito Pkwy, Portland, OR 97204.  So put this meeting on your calendar, and we look forward to seeing you there.  A conference call option is also available for those who cannot attend in person. 

            Phone #: 800-320-4330

            PIN: 714633


Spotlight on Oregon and SW Washington COADs -

  • Clackamas County COAD –
    • Meets Quarterly on the 4th Tuesday.
      • Clackamas Community College, 19600 Molalla Ave., Oregon City, OR
    • Contact Dean Alby, Chair for more information
  • Clark County COAD –
    • Meets bi-monthly on the 2rd Tuesday.  Meetings in January, March, May, July, September and November.
    • Contact Cindy Stanley for meeting dates and times (360) 992-6285
    • Also, if you want to get onto Cindy’s Alert List, please email and request the addition of your email address.
  • Columbia County Emergency Planning Association
    • Meets on the first Tuesday of the month from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon 
    • Contact Libby Calnon for more information


  • Douglas County COAD –
    • Monthly Community Meeting on the second Wednesday of each month at the UCAN (United Community Action Network) conference room.
      • 280 Kenneth Ford Dr., Roseburg, OR 97470
    • Contact Reed Finlayson, Chair for more information
  • Lane Preparedness Coalition–
  • Lane County COAD –

Trainings and Workshops:

Current Happenings & Items for Consideration

  • NEW:  OR Governor Kate Brown forwarded a request to President Trump through FEMA Region X asking for a Major Disaster Declaration for the state of Oregon. 
  •  NEW:  Emergency Management Magazine article, “Trump may cut Coast Guard, FEMA, Airport Security Budgets to Pay for Mexico Wall” – proposal calls for cuts to the USCG, TSA and FEMA, however, the overall DHS budget would see growth of 6.4%.  A broad outline of the budget is expected to be published this month, stand by for more information.
  • REMINDER:  Japan Best Practices Trip – a regional delegation will be traveling to Japan in April to see first-hand the impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami and how Japanese authorities have responded to reconstruct, revitalize local economies and prepare for future disasters.  RDPO work groups have been asked to help develop a set of questions for the delegation to take and address on the trip.  Preliminary questions are attached, please provide additional questions to Kori for a compilation for the poll OR provide your questions here. (DUE NLT April 7th)
  • The State of Oregon has released the final Cascadia Rising Exercise After Action Report, report is attached. 
  • Proposed rule-making efforts regarding the FEMA DISASTER DEDUCTIBLE concept.  Attached is the full 120+ page document and a brief summary and observations from the recent statewide conference call.  OEM is gathering comments from partners and will submit directly to FEMA via the National Emergency Management Association.  Please contact OEM if you have additional comments or observations for inclusion. 
  • Emergency Management Institute (EMI) announces the National Emergency Management Advanced Academy (NEMAA) FY18 application process.  The program consists of four (4) resident courses, each five (5) days in length.  The application packets are being accepted March 1st – May 31st with selections in June and announcements in July.  Training Bulletin and Application Process


  • 7/24-7/25 - Pacific NW Disaster Resilience Symposium, Portland Marriott Downtown, $195 for 8 plenary sessions, breakfast, lunches, and receptions.  This symposium will provide attendees with the opportunity to interact face-to-face with elected officials and legislators participating in the PNW Economic Region Summit and increase awareness for important issues like Climate Change, Critical Infrastructure Interdependencies, Cybersecurity, and other key topics.  Register here.  Flyer attached.

Training & Exercises

  • NEW:  4/20 Practical Exercise Design Course hosted by TVF&R, Tigard, OR and taught by Jeff Rubin, PhD CEM.  Registration and more information.
  • 4/24 & 4/25-ICS-300 “Intermediate Incident Command System for Expanding Incidents” course is being hosted by Multnomah County Emergency Management. Please see the attached email for prerequisites and registration information.
  • 5/9 & 5/10-ICS 400 “Advanced ICS for Command and General Staff” is being conducted by Clackamas County Disaster Management, at Camp Withycombe. Please see the attached email for prerequisites and registration information.
  • Regional Training Calendars: 

RDPO Regional Training Calendar

OEM Training Calendar

Washington State EMD Training Calendar

FEMA Region X Training Calendar

FEMA Emergency Management Institute

Jobs (in order of closing date)

  • Closes March 19th:   Business Continuity & Emergency Management Specialist IV, Portland General Electric (PGE), World Trade Center Portland.  Complete Application Here
  • NEW:  Oregon Office of Emergency Management (OEM) Section Manager – Operations & Preparedness, Salem, OR.  Closes 3/30.  Go to Job Opportunities for more information and the online application. 
  • University of Oregon Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Eugene, OR.  Open until filled.  Apply Here
  • Regional Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – Cascades Region American Red Cross, Portland, OR.  No closing date listedRegional CEO, apply here.
  • Health Services Consultant 3 – Projects – Ebola Readiness Coordinator, Office of Emergency Preparedness and Response, Tumwater, WA.  Open until filled.  Apply here
  • FEMA is seeking talented men and women who are eager to assist disaster survivors as Reservist Employees.  Send your resume to fema-reservist-hiring-initiative@fema.dhs.gov if interested.



Dean Alby ORVOAD President