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2019 Updates


Hello ORVOAD members –


It certainly has been a busy few weeks for many of our organizations, and the recovery from the snow storm is ongoing for our fellow Oregonians all around the state. 


Due to the conflict of the 2019 Oregon Prepared conference, we have made the decision to cancel our March membership meeting.  Many of our member organizations are headed to Bend to attend this very important conference.  ORVOAD has been able to secure a meeting room and a slot on the workshop schedule at the conference.  On Wednesday, March 20th from 4:30 – 5:30 we are offering presentation to all interested in hearing about the work we are doing at the VOAD.  We are calling it “ORVOAD Reboot” .  It is an opportunity to meet some of our new leadership, and hear about membership opportunities.  We will give a short intro on our strategic vision and talk about our action plan.  We want to hear from the attendees on how we can best support our state. 


I will be sending an update on ORVOAD following the conference.  We have learned so much during our efforts to support the State and Counties affected by the recent disaster. 


Karen Layng has asked that I share the following message to all organizations that may have been involved in supporting the response:


Request for February’s Winter Storm activity information


To assist the counties and state in their request for a federal declaration for a public assistance event, Karen Layng (OEM) is requesting information about the work that was done in the local areas in support of the response by any of the VOAD partners and even the local churches that did work. This information can include how many people you served, how many sites you were operating, how many volunteers deployed, how many hours worked, what type of work they did, the duration of your organization’s activity, and any other information that helps describe the impacts to the communities as a result of this event. This information needs to be broken down by county at a minimum. If you have already submitted this information to the county emergency managers, please let Karen know. Otherwise, please share this with her by Friday, March 22, 2019, to aid in the declaration process. Send information


Thank you for your support of ORVOAD.  Looking forward to seeing everyone in May.  Please connect with me if you have any questions or concerns.




Michelle Hamrick






ORVOAD Members and Partners –

Just a quick update on ORVOAD activity.  


Power outages continue to be a challenge in the outlying areas of both Lane and Douglas counties.  I am pleased to report that ORVOAD helped connect a request from Douglas County for a laundry/shower trailer for Elkton to Southern Baptist Disaster Relief.  Thank you to Dave Hillison for helping me navigate this process.   


Please continue to update me with any of your organizational response or recovery activities in the storm affected areas.  I am continuing to call into the Oregon Emergency Management Winter Storm Coordination call.  During this call, I collect information on community needs and report out on ORVOAD member activities. 


I received an email from Stan Thomas yesterday evening and I am forwarding his message to our membership.  We have worked very hard this year to build a stronger ORVOAD and I am very proud of what we have accomplished.  We stand stronger together.  Thank you for all the hard work you have put in to supporting this organization and our communities in Oregon.     --  Michelle



From: Thomas Stanton E
Sent: Monday, March 4, 2019 6:43 PM
To: Hamrick, Michelle


Please pass on my appreciation to the entire ORVOAD community.  As the Primary Lead for Mass Care in Oregon I have been impressed with the response and integration of ORVOAD resources during the last few weeks.  Although the State ECC is closed the Mass Care Operations continue with our Agency Operations Center active through Friday.


Our friends and neighbors in Lane and Douglas County have seen difficult challenges in the last few weeks.  Together as a Mass Care and Volunteer Community we have been able to provide comfort and relief for many.  The government alone cannot overcome all of the challenges a disaster brings without our dedicated volunteer community.


Thank you to all!!!